'SolarBoom' Solar Sign Lighting

Commercial quality, solar powered overhead LED sign lights with customized light settings for different locations. 

Ideal for illuminating poster cases, noticeboards, billboards and real estate signs at night where mains power is not easily accessible or viable to connect. 

Rapid, cost saving installation

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Easy installation

Simply attach with tamper resistant screws.

No trenching costs

Trenching for electrical wires can be very expensive. SolarBoom eliminates all trenching and all wiring.

No above-ground cable runs

Real estate sign lights often have long cables running to the nearest electrical outlet. No need for any cables with SolarBoom.

Continuous or set period lighting

Both the light output and operating time can be set to suit the specific applications.
An infrared proximity sensor option is also available which will hold the light output at a reduced level and only increase to full brightness on approach.

Customizable light settings. Lights can be set to operate for 4/6/8/12 hours depending on location.

Brightness can be set at full output for 4 hours then reduced to 20% brightness until dawn.

Simple, compact design

Unlike most solar lights which rely on a single, small round or square low-cost solar cell, the PV cells in SolarBoom are located along the entire length of the unit, providing a significantly higher power generating capacity with greater light output.

The lights are totally self-contained and include all components necessary for stand-alone installation.
Unobtrusive design

Neat and compact. Just a single bar with inbuilt solar cells.

Three length options

With lengths of 12", 24" and 48" there's a size to suit most signs. Or simply add extra units for longer signs.

Easily retrofit to existing signs

Exceptionally useful as temporary solar real estate sign lights.


LED Output
12" model: 5W
24" model: 10W
48" model: 20W
Expected LED life: 50000 hours
Beam angle: 120°
Operational autonomy: 2/3 days without direct sunlight
Casing: Aluminum
Casing color: Anodized silver or dark gray
PV panel protection: Polycarbonate
Fixing: Tamper resistant screws
Dust and water ingress protection: IP65 rated
Solar panels
12” long : 5W
24" model: 10W
48" model: 20W